Improve Job Site Productivity With QuickSpan - Just Click It

When you need to get a job done quickly, deflection, roll and adding a bunch of fasteners just takes up precious time that you don't necessarily have to spare. Fortunately, the engineering minds at CertainTeed have developed a great new drywall grid system to improve your job site productivity and reduce labor costs on the job. Here's a quick overview of their QuickSpan system, which helps you get the job done faster and more efficiently while still providing your customers with a high-quality wall or ceiling system.

But exactly how does the QuickSpan save you the time and effort? Here are some of the highlights:

Far-Fewer Fasteners

You know how it goes. You lay in a cross tee, and then you fasten it in place. After that one's done, you need to go on to the next one, and then the one after that. What if you could drastically reduce fastener use? When you're assembling the QuickSpan grid, you don't need to use fasteners at every connection. The cross tees lock into place in the channel without the need for additonal fasteners to keep them there.

Worker using QuickSpan system

Longer Spans

Hanger wires take time and can be a serious pain to deal with on a job site. QuickSpan reduces that time by providing some of the longest, strongest spans in the industry. Instead of wasting time with a ton of hanger wires, enjoy getting the job done quickly by taking advantage of the longer spans and superior performance.

Drop the Measuring Tape

Layout can seem to take forever with many other grid systems, with a ton of measuring and layout work. With QuickSpan, you don't even need your measuring tape. Pre-measured locking tabs help make layout go much more quickly and with less measuring work (and potential for errors) than any other system on the market.

Listen for the Connection

Is that cross tee locked in place or not? Though it can be difficult to determine with other systems short of racking the tee, QuickSpan provides sound feedback in the form of a click when the tee locks solidly into place. That's what QuickSpan is all about, clicking it and getting on with it.

QuickSpan system

Solid Construction

In some grid systems, you have some serious potential for issues from rolling and deflection. They can mean all the difference between an amazingly happy customer and having to go back in to make corrections to the project. The same strength that gives QuickSpan its amazing spans also helps keep it lined up during panel placement.

Multiple Applications

Hotels? Check. Health care facilities? Check. Educational institutions? Check. That's just the start of the many places where QuickSpan is an excellent option to consider. Condominiums, offices, churches - these spaces are also great options to deploy QuickSpan to get a quality job done more quickly and easily than ever before.

If you're considering QuickSpan, or any other CertainTeed products, for any future projects be sure to download our CertainTeed Acoustical Ceilings Product Guide below.

Acoustical Ceiling product Guide