CertainTeed's Cross Reference Guide

Have You Had a Chance to See CertainTeed's Cross Reference Guide?

When it comes to acoustical or suspended ceiling materials, Armstrong and USG are often the first manufacturers to come to mind. But what can you do when a client wants something different or that exceeds the typical specs set out by these companies? Though many contractors are aware of CertainTeed's huge presence in insulation products, very few are as aware of the company's suspended and acoustical ceiling systems. Their products often exceed the specs set by other industry leaders, making it a high-quality option from a known industry leader. Here's a quick look at their cross reference guide, designed to help contractors find the perfect materials for their project.

Big Curve acoustical ceiling

With the prevalence of Armstrong and USG products in the acoustical and suspended ceiling market, it doesn't take long for an experienced contractor to figure out which product they should use to meet a project's requirements. CertainTeed is still a relatively new entry into the market, and for this reason, many contractors bypass their products because they're not sure which specific product they should use in place of particular Armstrong or USG products.

When they realized this issue in the market, CertainTeed took the time to make it easier for contractors to find the right product for the job. Their Acoustical Ceilings and Suspension Systems Cross Reference Guide was designed so that you could simply look up the competitor's product in the guide and follow across to the similar CertainTeed ceiling product, making the conversion process very simple. The guide also includes indexes of both competitors' products, as the cross reference lists the products in order by the CertainTeed product, so the index makes it very easy to find the competitors' model.

However, CertainTeed recognizes that not all products will convert exactly, so they've based their cross reference guide based on aesthetic appearance and technical specifications. In many situations, the CertainTeed product that you find in the cross reference will be superior in terms of appearance, performance or technical specifications. When multiple competitor products match the same general specification or CertainTeed product, all the competitor's models will be listed for comparison.

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One thing you'll definitely notice as you're going through the cross reference guide is the sheer number of additional product lines and options that are available from CertainTeed, especially when compared to Armstrong and USG lines. At a quick estimate, there are nearly three times as many options available in the CertainTeed lines than are available from their competitors. This provides you and your clients with a much wider range of options, allowing the best possible solution to be selected for your project rather than the one that comes the closest.

CertainTeed offers a wide range of acoustical and suspended ceiling options for your project, and the  cross reference guide makes it easy to find the exact material that will work best for your situation while offering a wide range of additional selections to meet your project's needs. If you are interested in CertainTeed acoustical products for your next job be sure to download the CertainTeed Ceiling Tiles and Suspension Systems Product Guide below.

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