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Not that long ago, planning a ceiling with acoustical tiles meant a plain, boring office space or classroom. But over the past couple decades, CertainTeed has invested strongly into providing a wide range of ceiling tile solutions that are architecturally pleasing, multifunctional and adaptable to a wide range of conditions. Whatever space you're planning, there's a CertainTeed ceiling tile that will get the job done. Here's a quick overview of the many options and benefits you can take advantage of for your next project.

Beautiful Design

Aquarock CertainTeed Ceiling tiles

Unlike the ceiling tiles of yesteryear, you can say goodbye to boring, square or rectangular grid suspended ceiling tiles. CertainTeed's Baroque Customline provides a strong appearance with a dropped-grid tile with strong texture, while their Base 31 series provides a sleek, European appearance to your office or facility and Cashmere Style Edge delivers a highly textured, upscale appearance. The Focus series of tiles are available in nine beautiful colors to compliment your interior design.

Amazing Functionality

Ceiling tiles have grown well out of their heritage as office-only products. CertainTeed has many products to meet a wide range of environmental demands, from Aquarock's high-moisture environment performance to Fine Fissured High NRC's budget friendly but highly sound absorbent tiles.

Health and Safety

Ceiling tiles used to be a problem in areas that would require regular sanitization, such as kitchens, health care centers and hospitals. CertainTeed's Adagio series is the only ceiling tile product that has been approved for use in NICUs under FGU requirements which combine CAC and NRC performance. Their Environgard series features a vinyl facing for a strong scrubbable, sanitizable finish approved by the USDA, FSIS and CFIA. It's so clean, it's even a common component in clean rooms.

Green Options

Adagio CertainTeed Ceiling tiles

But the modular design doesn't stop there. Because of the standardization throughout the CertainTeed ceiling tile line, you can use the SmartFit Yoke system with every ceiling tile product the manufacturer has to offer. The oval-shaped hanger holes give you options for spacing, with a maximum span of 11", which can be suspended by a single hanger if it can be placed through the central hanging hole. If you need a longer span, it's a simple matter of adding a main tee to cover the gap. It's designed so that you can install the entire suspended ceiling system before having to worry about getting lights and other fixtures moved into space, allowing contractors more flexibility as to when they need to be on the job without holding up other works on the project.

Ease of Installation

When you need to get a ceiling in just a little faster, you need to avoid any unnecessary wire ties or cutting of tiles to make it work. CertainTeed's SmartFit Yoke suspended ceiling system reduces the number of wire hangers required, allows for easy installation of 4", 6" and 8" fixtures or channels and works with the entire line of CertainTeed's available tiles and panel systems.

Superior Acoustics

Baroque Customline CertainTeed Ceiling tiles

One of the primary purposes of an acoustical ceiling is, of course, acoustics! With the popularity of open offices, this is becoming more important than in the past. CertainTeed's products provide superior acoustical performance, from their Adagio High CAC that delivers optimum sound absorption while Gedina A delivers strong absorption with a range of sizes.

Don't settle for a boring ceiling when CertainTeed's wide selection of ceiling tiles promises a beautiful, functional selection of easy to install products. If you need help finding the perfect ceiling tile solution for your project, please download our CertainTeed Acoustical Ceilings Product guide below or contact our acoustical ceiling tile experts who are ready to help you make an educated and well-considered decision.

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