AirRenew Drywall Panels

Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality with AirRenew Drywall Panels

Being concerned about air quality is something we all face, and rightfully so with levels of formaldehyde in what we breathe in everyday. Replacing a simple air filter won’t do the job, but what about improving the air quality by simply choosing a different type of drywall panel? The researchers at CertainTeed have developed AirRenew drywall, which actively removes formaldehyde from the air and converts it into a safe, inert compound.

Formaldehyde is a specific issue for many people because it can cause major problems such as skin, eye, nose and throat irritations, as well as neurological symptoms, asthma, or allergy problems. At higher levels, formaldehyde can cause ulcers, liver and kidney damage, and even some types of cancer. With health being in serious threat here, that’s why removing this from the air is so important.

It seems that virtually every product has reduced the level of VOCs, volatile organic compounds, thanks to the focus on green construction these days. However, reducing levels isn’t the same as eliminating them altogether. If you’re working on a fast-track project or have a client with chemical sensitivities, it might not be enough to just reduce the VOCs to safe levels.

airrenew panelsTo combat the threat of formaldehyde and other VOCs, this new line of AirRenew drywall panels was made just for this. VOCs are released into the air from a number of sources, including manufactured wood products, paint, varnish, carpets, and similar materials often found in new construction and renovations. These AirRenew drywall panels are specifically designs to not only absorb formaldehyde, but to also convert it into an inert substance, which basically deactivates the compound. This means you and your crew won’t need to worry about being exposed to concentrated levels of VOCs when making renovations on structures that contain AirRenew drywall panels in the future.

ULE-validated productAs a ULE-validated product, AirRenew provides these benefits while handling like regular, standard drywall. Everything remains the same, from cutting and scoring, to installation with most joint and texturing compounds. For the most part, non-glossy finishes are recommended. Just remember, if you’re considering adding a glossy finish to your drywall, you’ll want to put a thin layer of joint compound across the surface of the board, and work the wall to a level 5 finish. To maximize VOC absorption, you may want to consider other fishing options such as vapor-permeable options, since primer and paint may reduce the capability. Using a breathable wallpaper would be a great alternative.

These panels provides basic ½” drywall panels that can be used in any place that regular drywall can be used in. AirRenew also comes in a few other formulations, other than the standard. AirRenew Essential type X is a ⅝” fire-resistant drywall and AirRenew M2Tech drywall provides more mold and moisture resistance for bathrooms, kitchens, or other aread that are often problematic for moisture, high humidity, and mold. M2Tech also comes in a Type X formula, so you can be protected from fire and moisture at the same time.

Indoor air quality can be improved in many ways, but by using AirRenew drywall panels in the construction or renovation phase, you can actually reduce the amount of formaldehyde and other VOCs in the air to being with.

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