Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles: A Tour of Colors, Material Types and Uses Cases

Ceiling tiles. The thought brings you back to school days, staring up at the ceiling and counting the dots on the boring 2’ x 2’ or 4’ textured white panels. If you don’t want this to haunt you and your project, you’re not alone! Ceiling tiles today are nothing like they used to be and come in a wide variety of colors, textures, materials, and use cases. Unexpected and better than being thrusted back to your school days.

An Assortment of Textures and Colors

Ceiling Tiles with Lights

What do you need to do to create a ceiling that matches your business’ overall decor and image? Beyond plain white, ceiling tiles are now available in a wide range of colors, from the standard white, to classy black, and many more options available to match the aesthetic you’re looking for to best represent your business. Do you need a strong, easily cleaned surface or something with more texture to soak up the sound? No problem. More importantly, modern track systems make it easier than ever the quickly install acoustic ceiling tiles and get the job done.

A Range of Modern Materials

Fiberglass. Mineral fiber. Wood fiber. Ceiling tiles have been made using a wide variety of materials, but today’s acoustic panel is actually lacking something often 

found in older ceiling tiles - VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These VOCs are compounds that easily become vapors or gases, and these harmful chemicals outgas from many newly-manufactured building products. Many manufacturers are focusing on providing ceiling tiles that meet or exceed LEED v4 specifications, minimizing exposure to dangerous VOCs, like formaldehyde, and drastically improving overall indoor air quality. These new ceiling tiles also often contain recycled material, allowing your new construction to tread a little higher on Mother Nature. Who doesn’t like being green?

A Variety of Different Use Cases

Health Care:

Made from Recycled Materials

Quiet environments help patients heal, but many acoustic ceiling systems are difficult to keep clean and sanitary. We have options that give you the best of both worlds, with our Rx Symphony panels providing superior acoustic control in both a durable and scrubbable surface that’s even water repellent and stain resistant.

Educational Institutions:

Remember those ceiling tiles that you use to count back in school? With 60% of educational activities involving listening and speaking, acoustic clarity is vital to a good classroom environment. Acoustic ceiling tiles help your students make the grade, with some options available to meet or exceed LEED v4, protecting students of all ages from outgassing VOCs that can strongly impact indoor air quality and even their health.

Open Office

Open Offices:

Though tearing down partitions and opening offices made for better collaboration, and better mental health, it also made things really noisy. Concentration is difficult to maintain in noisy settings, causing office absences due to stress. This common problem can be reduced drastically with the help of acoustic tiles that absorb sound, promote collaboration and productivity at the same time.

Performing Arts:

Whether you have multiple theaters in your complex, or need to control exactly where sound goes in your auditorium, acoustical ceiling tiles help you achieve your sound control needs. Whether you need to worry about unhappy neighbors or fine-tuning your facility’s acoustic performance, acoustic tiles can help make it happen.

When you look at the different options available, you can find the right acoustical ceiling tile for your use and design. If you need help finding the perfect ceiling tile for your project, Wallboard Supply Company is ready to help you keep your project rolling. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced associates today for more information, to get a quote on our large range of available ceiling tile options or to schedule a delivery to your work site.

In addition, feel free to download the CertainTeed Acoustical Ceiling Product Guide below for a complete breakdown of product details and job applications.

Acoustical Ceiling product Guide