Acoustical Ceiling Tile Tools: The Essentials for every job

When you're installing an acoustical ceiling tile project, do you have the right tools for the job? Although it can be tempting to simply improvise or mock up your own tools, having the right tool for the task at hand can mean all the difference between quickly completing a high-quality job and providing poor performance with ill-fitting material. But what tools really make the difference when it's time to get the job done? Here's a review of some of the most necessary and productive tools for your acoustical ceiling tile job.

Snap Blade Utility Knives

Edge Cutters and Snap Blade Utility Knives

Ever had to replace material because of a poorly-scored cut made by a bad utility knife? Investing in a utility knife that has a comfortable grip and can quickly be changed for a fresh edge allows your crew to continue working quickly and effectively. Edge cutters help you refine the edge for a perfect shadowline or reveal.


If you've never had to work on an acoustical ceiling in a building that wasn't square, level or plumb, you're more than due for one of these problem projects. When you need to adapt your ideal ceiling installation to less than perfect conditions or need better security to keep it in place, flanges will help get you there.


To quickly punch a hole in your grid without having support behind it, you need the right tools for the job. Punches allow you to easily punch holes with just one hand, making it much easier to get the holes where you need them to go while working on a ladder or a scaffold.

Rivet Guns

To quickly and effectively join your grid pieces together, nothing holds it together as quickly as a rivet. Rivet guns make it easy to get the job done, but not all rivet guns are created equal. Make sure the rivet gun you're looking at can get into small spaces and sharp angles to get the best use out of it.

Lag Drivers

Getting your frame attached into the framing members can be a tough job, especially when a suspended ceiling is far lower than the original ceiling. Fortunately, there are a wide range of tools available to make the job easier, including extension rods to reach from a distance.

Alignment Tools

There's nothing worse than getting all your ceiling tiles in place and realizing that it isn't level. Today's installer has it much easier than past use of line levels, as today's laser levels are available with self-leveling options to quickly get an easy, reliable baseline to work from.

Touch-Up Paints

Let's face it - there's always going to be an "oops" on the job site. Touch up paints are available to correct mistakes made on the tiles or grid, quickly restoring the ceiling's appearance to its original beauty without a lot of extra mess and fuss involved in the overall process.

When you use the best available tools to install your acoustical ceiling tile, you can save money by improving productivity and efficiency at the job site. If you need help finding the right tools for your ceiling tile project, the experienced professionals at Wallboard Supply Company are here to help.

In addition, feel free to download the CertainTeed Acoustical Ceiling Product Guide below for a complete breakdown of product details and job applications.

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